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Eterza Asparagus


Asparagus by Eterza is a release that offers a gentle yet intriguing musical ambiance, one within which you can look to feel slightly more laid back about the world and all of its problems.

The music is fairly minimalist at first, snippets of instrumentation and samples that you wouldn’t ordinarily find paired up in music, arrive in unison as if they were born to be together. There’s a weirdness and a touch of funk to the completed composition, and there are certain climactic peaks that really draw your focus to the rising energy of both.

The rhythm offers the consistency, the thread throughout the release. The chords do the same, the retro sound of the keys, fused with the electronic almost animated vocal sound – which is simply another riff, presented as a change of scene, a development in the story line. The beat itself has a lot of character and this shows the whole thing to be something that is fairly instantly recognisable once you’ve heard it just once or twice.

Further into the mix, a more human sounding vocal snippet comes forwards, accompanied by a couple of somewhat quieter friends. As mentioned – this culmination of musical moments is bizarre yet captivating, the rising intensity is subtle but defiant and effective. As a complete soundscape, the music provokes profound thought, a certain calmness, but not without edge. It’s easy going, but there’s a touch of depth, a scattering of something a little left of the expected. It’s unpredictable, and wonderfully creative. The artistry of the craft seems to come before the need to label it or to fit in with any particular genre or group. This makes certain it’s something you haven’t experienced before, and the professional finish means it’s very easy to enjoy. The good news is there’s plenty more where this came from over on Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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