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Estella Dawn Cringe


Forever engaging new listeners with unparalleled vocal strength, fresh melodies and uplifting, energising yet inventive pop anthems – songwriter, artist and producer Estella Dawn takes on the topic of hindsight and the sting of a romance that was so clearly wrong, with Cringe.

Featuring instantly colourful, summer-ready sound design and a catchy verse progression, once again Estella leads with a lyrical and melodic precision that feels both familiar yet genuinely new. It’s a calling card throughout a multitude of original singles, and stands taller than ever on the boldly emotive, ballad-like yet scornful Cringe.

From the heart and faultlessly impressive vocally, Estella showcases the very best of her abilities in every regard. The voice, the set-up, this balance between deeply moving sentiments and outright embarrassing memories, between poetic imagery and personal anecdotes – everything hits the mark just right.

In particular, the rise up from delicacy to overcoming, to this resounding ‘Can you see me now?’, followed by a vocally gritty and inspiring peak, again underlines the power and presence of Estella as both performer and protagonist.

Built from up from sheer experience and presented with unwavering devotion to the moment, the single connects for its honesty and fearless vulnerability, as much so as the natural uplift and character of the melody.

Not only rising through the ranks in the professional streaming realm but also a live act with a vastly growing following on social media, Estella Dawn is a name you’ve most likely crossed paths with already, but be sure that the months and years ahead will rightfully secure that recognisable edge.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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