Here’s one we’ve all been waiting for – creative indie powerhouse Estella Dawn crosses paths with the one and only Billy Joel, for a summer hit that’s sure to light up the scene.


Forever engaging new listeners with unparalleled vocal strength, fresh melodies and uplifting, energising yet inventive pop anthems – songwriter, artist and producer Estella Dawn takes on the topic of hindsight.


Masterfully reinventing her sound once again, yet still maintaining that vocal identity and those ever-fresh melodic stylings – Estella Dawn takes on the colour and optimism of folk-pop with this brand new, aptly-titled single.

Folk PopPopSongwriter

Estella Dawn’s ever unique brand of contemporary pop adopts yet another stylish manner of sound-design and melodic progression, uniting qualities of country pop and outright quirky production, for the bright and heartfelt Easy To Fall.


Always alluring but more so than ever with the opening line for this new single – New Zealand’s Estella Dawn is indie’s unstoppable gem right now, and Buzzcut furthers her reach with ease.


From alt-pop to hints of rock and electronic experimentation, Vixen is everything that modern pop needs in order to re-craft a classic style with appeal and artistry; keeping things effective whilst capturing the interest of a broader, perhaps more unconventional modern audience.

Alt PopElectronic RockPopPop Rock

Driving with a clear sense of understanding and passion united, New Zealand’s Estella Dawn offers an infectious and addictive new single, which effectively redefines what it means to be Pretty.