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Esco Andretti The Warm Up


Dreamy ambiances meet with heavy hip hop rhythms and intense bass throughout a series of releases from Long Island artist Esco Andretti.

From the opening storyteller that is Icy Hearts, we’re introduced to a melodic and refreshingly intimate creative reach, a little home-made in production and with a downpour of voices that create a strangely beautiful sort of chaos. All of this works in favour of the indie realm and the artist as authentic with his fans.

The new single The Warm Up veers off in a fresh direction once again, removing the fullness and taking a somewhat minimalist route into an anthem loaded with metaphors and confidence more notably connected to the current hip hop scene.

The production from Malloy injects a new dynamic, the trap beat and backing riff work well to give the release a recognisable sound. Faster bars and a more carefree, distanced writing style also suit the hard-hitting set-up of the music, and already we see the progression from Andretti – something highlighted impressively throughout a multitude of originals already up on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Single out May 29th. Download the music via Apple. Pre-save The Warm Up here. Check out Esco Andretti on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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