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Erica Lee Martin Take My Picture


Unique from the offset, Erica Lee Martin’s Take My Picture is every bit the artistic alternative anthem its artwork and title imply.

From the opening moments, a pair of meandering vocals form a harmonic progression that takes you back to a simpler time. Following this, we get the minimalist arrangement of a shuffling rhythm and bass-line, a little gypsy-folk like, and a traditional folk vocal to match. Actually, Erica’s vocal style brings in a mildly theatrical aura, tipping its hat to age-old performances and keeping things increasingly interesting throughout.

And this is all just surface level so far – underneath we get the story-line, which actually ties in brilliantly with the changing stages of the soundscape. Enter moments of weight, intensity, a horn solo, and the listener being effectively prompted time and time again to reconsider the lyrics.

Take My Picture sets the scene well – beach-side imagery and nature wash over like a breath of optimism, right before the subtle change in direction for the pre-chorus, and the ultimate reveal of this being the very setting of a photo shoot. It’s an unexpected simplicity, but there are perhaps clever hints of depth woven into some of the observations and lines.

All in all, this is unlike anything else you’re likely to listen to this summer – Erica Lee Martin introduces herself with a bold sense of identity, and a clear love for the process. A live performance would most likely bring a whole new level of appeal.

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Rebecca Cullen

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