Eric Walker - I Don't Need - Stereo Stickman

Eric Walker I Don’t Need


Seductive bass-work leads us with strong appeal into an ultimately creative, memorable anthem from singer and artist Eric Walker.

Stylish from the outside, deeply revealing and honest underneath this, recognisable in voice both through the tone and the very sentiments of the writing – I Don’t Need stands out well.

From simple, quiet verses, we’re intrigued by the lyrics – that voice, the organic set-up, the story. As things progress, the drop to the hook really energises and elevates the completed track – it also resolves brilliantly, following repeating uncertainty relating to thoughts and personal reflection.

Familiar in presentation but fresh in structure and purpose, there’s a touch of Magazine Gap and even Phil Collins to the leading vocal, and an increasingly likeable presence to the whole song – essentially underlining Walker as having a clear identity to his writing and performance.

The vocal is superb, particularly during those gravelly moments of greater passion. The latter half subtly explodes into action, wrapping things up effectively and quickly inviting interest in a second visit.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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