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equape Super Deliberate Moves


Last year’s music from equape was easily some of the most interesting and creative to emerge. It’s a simple yet intriguing name that now holds great power when it comes to new releases, and the EP Super Deliberate Moves more than delivers on that high expectation.

Chemicals In My Brain (Arepa Moon) – already we’re thrown into a fresh realm, partly organic riffs meeting with ambient waves of sci-fi-like energy, fusing warmth and uncertainty; the calmness and the haunting hints of anticipation.

Strong rhythms, fairly raw and real sounding, plus fragments of sound, synths, detail, even voice, guide listeners through this occasionally familiar yet largely unpredictable journey, as it slowly but surely gathers momentum.

Paulina follows and the intricacies are fresh once again. Subtle, spacious rhythms, intimate clicks and taps, with retro keys descending, introduce this thoughtful and gentle soundscape, evolving later into rather epic realms of the same descending progression. The unique nature of the layers is a trait that equape consistently masters.

Taking things to all the more personal corners of creativity, The Note You Wrote On January Third conspires to draw interest for its title alone. Then we get those organic strums, the dreamy production, the intimacy and distance juxtaposing one-another. There’s a blissfully peaceful mood presented, so the mind wanders, and you fill in the blanks yourself – you write the note, you decide what it means. It is, perhaps, a super deliberate move.

Capitão Coração injects real piano, distortion and a faster pace. Again we’re somewhere between darkness and light, but the rhythm keeps things moving, comforting in its progression. The production is gorgeous, the compressed sound really connecting in a non-intrusive yet energising way. A personal favourite for its soothing musicality and the original artistic touches throughout.

Things come to a close with a near-hip-hop-ready anthem of an introduction to Minus Da Blue. Never complacent, never predictable – this track soon becomes something else entirely, and again later, and again towards the end. A pop-rock, folk-pop hit of colour and poetry. Retro sound-play and cinematic design keep things interesting and immersive right the way through.

equape strikes again, uninhibited in artistic freedom, professional as ever in mix and master. Beautifully unusual, enjoyable, and fascinating as a go-to for effective escapism.

Download the EP via Apple or click here for all options. Check out equape on Facebook & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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