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equape Little Star / Seventh Heaven (Rise Edition)


Fresh from the brand new album Deliberate Movements, Little Star introduces the equape sound and style in a decidedly striking way.

Immediately there’s a sense of both drama and softness to the music. The delicacy of the voice, these whispered ideas, alongside the weight and rising intensity of the soundscape, leads us into this ultimately unpredictable yet organic arrangement with powerful confidence.

Initially there’s a touch of Eels to the sound, the softness and the reflective nature of the lyrics, even the uniquely meandering melody, but as things progress equape quickly establish their own creatively free approach to making music. And as you take on the album in full, this quality becomes all the more immersive and enjoyable.

Complete with full-throttle horn sections and riffs that never quite wind up where you expect them to, Little Star is as intriguing as it is hypnotic and interesting. The music is all at once joyful and disconcerting – a fascinating trait that seems to appear intermittently throughout much of this project.

Oh, how desperate they are, my little star.
Numbers bigger than they are, my little star.
Hold my breathe as the clouds deform,
Distant caves where Lazurus was torn.

Seventh Heaven is another track from the album but one that lights up a completely different side of the equape artistic realm. Sudden warmth, fullness, and memorable melodic developments, pour through with a certain clarity and embrace that’s difficult to dislike.

Rising up beautifully, the song tips its hat to the original pop-rock legends of a simpler decade. The switch to the hook in particular lays bare an impressive manner of song-writing, complete with further imagery and a beautiful sense of possibility – alongside, once again, a dash of uncertainty.

Well worth a listen if you’re looking for something authentically original and poetically engaging.

Download the album Deliberate Movements via iTunes. Check out equape on Facebook & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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