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EQ Channel When the Night Has Come


Artist and producer EQ Channel brings audiences a fine fusion of melodic songwriting and skillful production throughout this seven-track collection When The Night Has Come. You get the best of both worlds with this project, the heartfelt nature of thoughtful, emotional lyricism and expression, and the crisp, ambient finish of well-crafted soundscapes and escapism.

Scars is the opener and immediately showcases the unique nature of the playlist. EQ Channel’s music clearly has depth and character, the track is considerately structured and there’s so much passion and intent underlined by every element.

Fairytales follows and sets in stone the sound and skill of the audio. There’s a distinct thread throughout that helps make the album a go-to experience, one that means something very real yet simultaneously surrounds you with dreamlike, deeply atmospheric artistry. The music on this second song evolves to include organic and EDM attributes alike. The result is a uniquely energetic, partly classical piece of music with an underlying sentiment that deals with love – the thing that connects us all.

Appropriately, Love’s Happening comes afterwards and moves even more so into the Euro-pop, summer dance feel. There’s instant optimism in the opening melody and chords, as well as the lyrics – Do you believe, do you believe..? The vibe picks up quickly and the rhythm and colour of the song stand tall.

Ready to Dance adds a further touch of eclecticism and offers one of the most creatively refreshing soundscapes yet. There’s also a quickness and urgency to the vocal delivery here, so hand in hand the artist and the music walk swiftly towards an explosive and memorable hook section. The ambiance is unusual on such a catchy, upbeat song, and this increases the individuality of the whole thing. The mood varies, it’s interesting, plus the artist puts in a mighty vocal performance.

I Need You Baby mellows things out a little and sees the musical riffs meander fairly freely. A descending bass-line moves the moment along with style. The pop-energy runs deep and certain vocal harmonies really help light up the outer edges. Again, there’s passion and positive energy in the vocals, bringing that all important human touch to the scene.

The project’s title track is a surprisingly thoughtful and quite epic piece of music and writing. The album’s conceptual nature comes to a climax here, the beat is thick and fast and the track utilizes its time and space to slowly build something that hits with impact.

Taking to eclecticism once more, Before We Started ends the collection – a dramatic and powerful beat and piano part accompany a mildly theatrical, intense display of vocals, later joined by a stylish and fairly heavy synth section. This one is again really interesting, musically speaking for the most part but also lyrically in many ways.

Before We Started evolves beautifully and quickly became a personal favourite from the whole album. There’s something nostalgic abut the development of the soundscape and EQ Channel’s driving vocal performance. It feels like a forgotten hit from a simpler time, yet still it has that fresh, sharp finish that keeps it firmly relevant right now. At close to five minutes long you really get lost in the ambiance and it’s a pleasure to find yourself and your thoughts wandering there.

EQ Channel is a producer and songwriter offering a lot of passion and style to the music world. This release is a strong starting point for those new to her music. Hopefully there’s a lot more to come in the near future.

Download the album via iTunes. Find & follow EQ Channel on Facebook, Instagram & Soundcloud. Visit her Website for more info.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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