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Enzo Light Me Up


Enzo’s Light Me Up brings through a gorgeously ambient, end of the day dance vibe – fusing the warmth of EDM synths with a heartfelt string of lyrics and a beautifully emotional vocal performance. The song offers exactly what the title promises. Though there’s a personal story-line at work – that of intimacy and positivity within relationships, the song itself, as a soundscape and a go-to moment of escapism, lights up the room with ease.

Enzo’s way with sound design and composition is quickly effective, this track is stunning and showcases a passionate and simultaneously professional approach to music production. There’s a touch of nostalgia to the style, but it’s only in the sense that you’re reminded of the time this sort of electronic ambiance first rained down around you. In general, Light Me Up is a notably timeless sort of track – it works as well now as it would have back in the day; and indeed as it will in ten or twenty more years. There’s a delicacy to the style, this isn’t hard-hitting or purposeless EDM – on the contrary, there’s an intention and softness to the way it fills the room and to what it offers you as a listener.

There are as many crisp and clean elements as there are those that link back to the dawn of the genre. The leading voice and the set-up on the whole lean in a fresh direction, helping Enzo build a recognizable sound for himself – and helping make sure there’s enough about this song to grab your attention from afar. At the same time, you’ll easily recognize the melody and the vocal style, as well as the uplifting chord progression and that overall sense of optimism and possibility that the track passes over to you. Absolutely worth a listen and I look forward to a longer playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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