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ENVY Without You


Emerging with a similar big-band, soul-ballad vibe to another classic song of the same name, ENVY’s Without You introduces an immediately likable, genuine vocal lead. It draws affection from the offset, before riding through the increasing passion and instrumental power of the song in a stylish, catchy manner.

Without You is a big song, but it doesn’t over-do anything. There’s a certain softness to the vocal lead, reinforced only by additional layers and some well-placed electric guitar later on. Nothing is forced or faked. There’s a concept at work, a loving sense of longing – a need for connection. The music operates as a similar means of connecting with people – it’s emotive, honest, easy to picture in a live setting; something that would likely prove all the more striking.

At longer than five minutes, this one definitely takes its time to craft a secure concept and series of emotions before you. From those nearly whispered first words, you can tell this will be a slow yet compelling climb from melancholy to boldness – and that’s precisely what the completed track delivers.

Varied melodies, consistent change – subtle though, never too out there. Carried expressively, faultlessly even, by a uniquely characterful and capable singer. Really nicely done.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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