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Enock Addison The Holy King


Enock Addison has released a seasonal collection – a full length album entitled The Holy King. The project brings about numerous Christmas references alongside of a consistent level of warmth and that same unusual string of audio craft-work that makes up the soundscapes.

The title track from this project is definitely the most memorable and perhaps the most effective and enjoyable. We Are The Three Kings is as optimistic sounding yet leans in a slightly different direction. There’s a consistent sense of joy to the sound, a fitting ambiance and mood to set for a seasonal album. Enock Addison holds close to a clear sense of identity within his music, this shows throughout the performances and indeed the instrumentation and production style. There’s even a certain flair to the presentation of melodies on this project that you also soon come to recognise.

This Child stands out for its notably bright opening riff and the choir-like layer of voices that present the melody and the story-line. Throughout this album you’re reminded of the starting point of this holiday we celebrate, the religious aspects and the backstory – as well as the togetherness and love that it sees us all celebrate.

O Holy Night makes for a totally unique and unusual version of the classic – the vocals are soaked in effects and manipulated so as to really grab your attention. There’s familiarity on display of course, but an added level of intensity and weight emerges – making certain you’re listening and that you notice the song; thus being reminded for sure of what Christmas was originally all about. The sound is still very much that of Enock Addison, there’s an unquestionable level of character to everything the artist releases and this project keeps that at the forefront of the experience.

The Baby-King as a single quickly leaves its mark on the listener, being memorable and colorful, quite striking as always. The instrumental version is refreshing and offers a moment of softness and calm, no lyrics just the musical composition to guide you. In addition, you get a full version but without drums, which adds a similar peacefulness to the journey and actually sees the lyrics take centre-stage a little more noticeably. Enock has clearly considered all the possible ways to get this music connecting with its audience.

The Holy King is a Christmas collection like no other. The album’s joyful energy and consistent layers of gratitude offer a fine balance between religious depth and appreciation for the moment; for sharing this time of year with your loved ones.

I present to you Christ Jesus, the baby king who is also the perfect gift from God. This album warms your heart with the hope and joy that came with Christ, the Son of God and the only hope for humanity. – Enock Addison.

Check out the album here.

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