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Enncee Wasting My Time


Piano-led reflections emerge from the full-length mixtape History In The Making, as rapper and artist Enncee keeps things authentic and heartfelt, for Wasting My Time

Beautifully produced to balance that light rhythm with the smart piano progression and fragments of melodic voice for the hook, Wasting My Time goes on to weave in an unmistakable tone and flow from Enncee – bars that delve into a personal story, unafraid to reveal a diary-like stream of consciousness.

The flow is unorthodox, almost spoken word in its mellow story telling and rhyme schemes. That leading voice is easy to pinpoint as Enncee, and despite the eclecticism of the full album, it remains a constant thread of identity.

An easy rap track to connect with and escape into, Wasting My Time skillfully bridges the gap between the deeply personal and the broadly relatable, making it feel like music that speaks out on behalf of struggle, and thus provides the warmth and understanding deep-thinkers often seek out.

Vulnerability and unwavering confidence on the mic work both together and in contrast with one another throughout History In The Making. The production remains a clear strength, melodically and rhythmically appealing at all times, and the stories within consistently present a fearless devotion to personality and carving out a unique lane within the scene.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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