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Enloh Find The Silence (EP)


Creative producer Enloh masters the space with his latest 5-track collection. Employing clear traits of personality in the synths, tones and structure of each piece, Find The Silence ultimately promises an awakening, deeply peaceful yet provocative journey through imaginative traits and turns.

For the opener, Reset, Enloh softly submerges the listener in a delicate arrangement of synths and familiar chords. Retro tones meet with ethereal aspects as we rise up towards blissful euphoria. All the while, the soundscape unites the comfort of repetition and rhythm, with a subtle twist of unpredictable melodic progression and a clearly shifting landscape of presence.

It’s this unique blending of consistency and creativity that makes up much of Find The Silence – while each track delivers its own sense of identity to recognize, it also makes fine use of this balancing between the familiar and the free.

New Color continues the looping enchantment of simplicity amidst a fine use of contrast between weight and lightness – a hypnotic listen in and of itself.

Then we move into vocal fragments and nostalgia, for the well-placed embrace of a soulful title-track Find The Silence. Poetic contemplation injects a beautiful twist of purpose that helps elevate the natural warmth and precision of the project.

For Leisure, the rising anticipation and longer-form patterns of Reset seem to return, a new journey presenting a keys-led fusion of certainty and sheer fun; a rightful love for the process, aptly-titled and brightly coloured as it gathers momentum.

Increasingly engaging, unpredictable yet likable in its excitement and pace, Leisure leads us faultlessly into the striking higher-intensity of 9 Lines – a superb closing track, no doubt helping secure interest in a string of revisits for instrumental music fans past and present.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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