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Endless Forms The House of Love


Ambient introductions soothe the mood of the room, before artist and songwriter Justin Allen redirects things towards the evocative depths of human contemplation – The House Of Love is the brand new album from dream-pop outfit Endless Forms, and Into The Swarm is a softly breathtaking opener.

Atmospherically immersive but also lyrically captivating, not least of all thanks to Justin’s own breathy to passionate integrity at the helm, The House Of Love blends aspects of arena-ready shoe-gaze and dream-wave across a distinctly raw and honest portrayal of connection and both lasting and broken relationships.

Thirteen tracks in full, The House Of Love presents an array of string-like synths and all-consuming soundscapes, whilst countering that enchanting escapism with a deeply personal front-line vocal and paralleled storytelling. The title-track is a fine example of these colourful, unorthodox yet comforting traits working in unison.

Other highlights include the hypnotic rising anticipation of A Door That Disappears, the melodically catchy, organic pop-rock tones and pace of Make Me feel Too Much, and the grittier yet likable realism of I Want it All. Riding The Red Horse also proves boldly memorable for its instrumental prowess and build-up – a personal favorite.

In every case, this album from Endless Forms presents a sublime meeting of musical embrace and poetic wonder, all intertwined along a profoundly intimate thread of expression and performance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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