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Emotional Relation You (Inspired By Senses Fail)


You is a song that takes on a deeply emotional rock presentation to express with both melody and raw passion the core ideas of the writing. The song has unique a and unusual structure – within a less than six minute experience you go through the chaos and manic energy of punk-pop or nu-metal, through to the slightly reggae or ska inspired, and then back again to a somewhat mainstream or soft rock sentiment that then lingers powerfully among this wall of harmony and musicality. It’s an unpredictable piece in many ways, though certain moments bring about a heavy sense of nostalgia, particularly for those of us who reveled in the Brand New or Jimmy Eat World era.

The structure of this song is really the most characterful part of its presence. The first 50 seconds or so present a soundscape that later appears to have been from an entirely different moment or scene of the underlying story. Soon after this there’s a pause, followed by the absolute weight and emotional energy of these vocals cascading and colliding around you. The melodic presentation and leading vocal style showcase a hard rock or metal foundation it seems, but all in all there’s a notable delicacy to the performance, teetering perhaps in more of a grunge or melodic rock direction than something overly hardcore. It works on a distinctly human level, the chords and notes chosen throughout draw you in for the realness and honesty implied by the sound. It’s an experience that many listeners will likely respond well to.

“If people emotionally relate to you, then they might come to you for an answer. And if people are coming to you for an answer, have a good one.” – Emotional Relation.

Stephen who founded the band has since created a forum as a place in which people can talk about anything  – in a safe place, to at least know they are not alone. Visit the Emotional Relation Website for more information.

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