EMMber & Maya Manel - Good Life - Stereo Stickman

EMMber & Maya Manel Good Life


Classic dance rhythm introduces this synth-soaked production from EMMber and Maya Manel. Progressing from a simple chord pattern through a notably intimate, unique vocal-line – offering equally personal, engaging and relatable lyrics – Good Life dreams of brighter days, and drops in with a brilliantly unexpected weight following the revelation that is the hook.

Stylishly blending known to be effective building blocks from soul-pop and EDM alike, Good Life goes on to throw in more than a few creative curveballs, ultimately elevating the track from sunset simplicity to late-night intensity more than a couple of times throughout its lifespan.

These dreams of the Good Life have likely been haunting many of us this past year – times of isolation, uncertainty and stillness, tend to leave us craving the action and the greener grass of simpler days. Here we get an artistic vision of precisely these thought patterns, with a welcomed hit of alternative weight for the instrumental break; to essentially and swiftly move things away from predictable and into realms that genuinely satisfy and energise.

Brilliant, familiar yet fresh, soulful yet electronically mighty with a superb lead from the distorted bass. A strong collaborative effort and an easy track to lose yourself within right now.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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