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Emilia Matamoros & Franklin Livingston Bésame Mucho


Presenting perhaps the most classic sounding style of love song possible, this collaborative release from Ecuador born Emilia Matamoros and Pakistani born Franklin Livingston, both New Yorkers, offers up the smooth and seductive swagger of a vintage and mellow, gypsy-jazz piece of music and writing, and it’s an easy few minutes of optimism and unity.

The accompanying video for the song plays a pretty big part in keeping that classic vibe alive throughout the release. Having said that though, if you were to hear the song playing in the backdrop to your day, the European flickers of authenticity would undoubtedly win you over in themselves. The Spanish language adds to the effect, as does the guitar work, and the back and forth between the two leading characters creates a mildly theatrical dynamic that again helps maintain your interest and affection throughout.

Franklin has done well to represent the central theme of desire and imaginative thinking on this song and indeed throughout the video. The contrast between the two voices helps further that feeling of this being an organic yet multi-layered piece of minimalist music that works in a simple way to provide that essential moment of romantic escapism. In addition, the final few seconds of the video showcase a completely unexpected scene – a one year later moment of comedic value – fusing the effort and indeed the positivity posed by both artists with a dash of realism, making for a conclusion surely set to bring a smile to the faces of its audience.

Franklin Livingston is not a Spanish speaker but has put his creative efforts into this single as a mark of solidarity with Spanish communities, especially Mexicans living in the United States. He said of the process that love should inspire us to learn each other’s languages and to live in harmony and peace. He chose to learn and produce this song with a professional music director in New York City, to show the world that with little effort, if one expands their comfort zone of language and culture – we can make this world positively diverse and inclusive. He stands for unity and togetherness, and the song and the video work smoothly to represent these ideas – Franklin has clearly put his heartfelt intentions into the project.

Find out more about Franklin Livingston’s work via his theatre company Listening Eyes & LPI Films.


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