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Emila Warrior


Emila takes on the alternative pop world in a creatively fresh way with this single Warrior. Though her leading voice offers the gentle and easily relatable qualities of a classic pop performance, the soundtrack and the lyrics, even the variation between the sections of the song, all leans in a much more unusual and refreshingly original direction.

Warrior comes through with a notably minimal and spacious set-up for the most part. Though certain moments see this distorted and fuzz-soaked bass-line add a thread of EDM energy to the track, there’s a simplicity to the majority of it, which means the artist’s finely presented, natural vocal delivery can really captivate as its pours through. You connect with the light groove of the music just slightly, and with the concept and the melodic progression in a far more memorable fashion. These two contrasting elements actually work well together – there’s a genuinely warrior-like or tribal feel to the soundscape and indeed to the rhythmic manner in which many of the lyrics are introduced. All of which helps give the song a powerful sense of identity, and some easily recognisable traits.

Emila as an artist seems set to embrace the music world without letting it mold or change her style – there’s an air of determination and freedom to everything about this single, which of course ties in well with the song’s very title and underlying sentiment. The melody is far less ear-worm-like than a classic, intrusive pop hit might usually be, but that’s an enjoyable characteristic in this case – that simplicity and the humble, artistic nature of the experience is much more interesting than a quickly catchy hook. Warrior is unique from the offset but something of a grower the more times it appears in the playlist. I look forward to hearing where else the music takes Emila.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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