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Emiko Simple Love


Simple Love is just about as fitting a title as can be for the music and the songwriting that unfold when you press play. The song has a simplicity about it that leaves the vocal performance and the lyricism laid very bare at first; the focus is on the voice, the melody, the words and the feelings behind it all, and fortunately – Emiko’s sound satisfies in every possible way, even when presented in such a raw and vulnerable manner.

The song at first strikes as a very classic pop or piano ballad; the instrumentation, as mentioned, is kept somewhat minimal – simplistic – and the melody that follows, accompanied by snippets of beautiful harmonies, has a very ballad-like and nostalgic mood to it. However, the longer you listen for, the more the music strikes as something much bigger.

The structure of the song seems unusual, unpredictable at times, but always effective – with every moment that passes you are drawn further and further into the emotion and the power of the song. The whole thing builds and builds in a somewhat unexpected manner, the vocal performances intensify, the piano steps forwards with great strength and attitude, and soon enough it all gently falls away, creeping back towards the silence in unison.

It’s incredible writing and composition, essentially taking all of the best bits from the classic ballad, and fusing them creatively and optimistically with this new and exciting, at times classically inspired, expression of sound and soul. The increasing intensity towards the song’s climax is hypnotic, mesmerizing, and always captivating. When it does in fact come to an end, there’s a struggle to walk away from it all – Simple Love bares listening to far more than once to truly capture what it’s all about, and to build a familiarity with it that sinks in for good.

Emiko’s performance and writing style shine with beautiful brightness throughout this track. It’s a great place for listeners to begin their journey through the artist’s music, and it’s a great example of the unique talent and creativity that exists and in fact thrives and continuously evolves just below the mainstream radar.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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