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Emiko Great North Road


When hard work and creativity unite, alongside talent, and passion – the possibilities are limitless. Emiko has always been an artist to drive with a fine balance between those very qualities, and this long-awaited single speaks volumes on behalf of that.

What begins as a quiet, nearly whispered, expressive piece of acoustic music, soon evolves – or rather, drops in – to become an alternative pop-rock classic that’s beautifully uplifting.

When the song’s hook hits it initially feels like a Fleetwood Mac moment, later tipping its hat to the songwriting style of The Cranberries – the warmth of this sudden arena of instrumental layers, the rise up to these passionate vocals, this melody. The song becomes suddenly a little more mainstream perhaps, more accessible to a broader audience – satisfying, addictive in the rush it presents you with.

Emiko’s own commitment to the moment passes over to the listener, these quiet, piano-led instances contrast gorgeously with the power and poetic intention of the hook. That first drop is stunning, the lyrics and the melody unite flawlessly, proving all at once to be hypnotic and wonderfully uplifting.

If anything, I’d prompt you to make sure you listen past those gentle beginnings – witness the story in full, unfolding before you – there’s a whole lot more to come. This is easily one of the most beautiful, pristinely crafted, memorable and immersive songs to emerge in 2020 so far. Fantastic story-telling, artistic arrangement, an emotive and soulful performance.

Great North Road is the very first self-produced global release to come out of Emiko’s own commercial recording studio Tiny Cactus Productions for Rose City Media Group. The song has been released through AWAL (Kobalt Music Group).

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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