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Emanuel Best Friends


Emanuel showcases an impressively strong songwriting style on this latest release Best Friends. Musically the song feels rooted in contemporary pop-dance fusion, but it’s the structuring and the progression through the melodic vocal sections that ultimately grab the attention of the listener and make for something easily memorable.

Gentle and honest verses pave the wave accessibly and calmly towards the colourful drop and resolve of the hook – where there’s a simple familiarity to those verses, a sense of nothing too outrageous or ear-worm like, the drop to the hook offers a huge moment and thus utilizes contrast perfectly well. This is where the song first captures your affection for the long-term.

Production-wise the single has been well crafted – an upbeat and almost dance-hall-like vibe emerges from the offset. Short verse lines and repeated phrases help create something simple and easy to recognise. This meets its peak as you progress through the pre-chorus and then into the full outpouring and vibrancy of the hook. The music rains down around and uplifts you at this moment, the story-line gets to its central sentiment, and all in all there’s just a general sense of completeness to the entire release.

Best Friends is a great song, musically relevant yet also offering just enough of those alternative elements – those layers of individuality that help keep it fresh. You get a good view of Emanuel as an artist and what his creative approach entails. The latter half of the song features an almost neo-classical glow of synths and riffs – another unexpected yet surprisingly fitting moment of artistry. By this point, the artist’s genuine and likable leading voice has also made sure to give off those recognisable traits. In terms of looking out for the longer project or new releases, fans are almost certain to pick up on that tone and writing style pretty quickly.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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