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Elyse Saunders Free (EP)


The highly anticipated follow-up to the single of the same name – Elyse Saunders releases the EP Free, and captures the heart of expressive, poetic country-pop with a clear edge of passion and professionalism united.

Beginning with the title-track, we’re immediately thrown into the groove with heartfelt writing and sublime vocals from Elyse – not to mention faultless production throughout an effective, increasingly energising structure.

An absolute anthem for modern times, reflecting on the simple days of youthful freedom, the song kicks off the project perfectly.

Elsewhere we get an array of styles interwoven amidst Elyse’ natural country writing and vocal identity. Sunshine State of Mind softens things with a sultry progression of bass and rising melody that again details escapism and imagery for an uplifting hit of reflection, intimacy and oneness.

With Wine Down we see the importance of arrangement – a mellow, minimalist and aptly calming song of peaceful appreciation for the moment.

Then, in stark contrast, the gritty and infectious, stylish and confident Famous elevates things with swagger and catchiness. A heavy stomp of a rhythm and superb vocals inject passion and reality into an observational yet honest song.

Afterwards, Genes feels a little more pop in progression but includes a likeable electric guitar-line and a sudden brightness for another catchy hook.

Then there’s the bonus track California, smooth and dreamy, with short lines once again holding true to the Elyse Saunders style and sound. The concept fits the threads of the EP, this idea of longing for simpler times, for the freedom from responsibility and an escape from the weight of the world. Appropriately, the music offers the same hit of release for its audience.

Featuring music as big as the artist’s voice, in tone and writing, the EP Free is sensational – beautiful songwriting, familiar yet fresh in character and contemporary presentation, loaded with what feel like greatest hits in the making.

Download or stream the EP Free here. Check out Elyse Saunders via her Website, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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