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Elyse Chapski running out


Stunning vocals of a breathy and soulful quality lead us through this softly enveloping soundscape and song from artist Elyse Chapski.

Introducing the track with that up-front vocal sound to immediately showcase a sense of intimacy and confidence alike, running out goes on to become a meandering RnB song, featuring multiple flows and melodies, but always resolving in a stylish and catchy way for the hook.

Building up slowly, the single welcomes some brilliantly intricate production – layers of strings, sudden rhythm switches, plenty of space and contrasting levels of colour later on. All of this supports and enhances the evolving passion and style of Chapski’s vocal lead.

At its core, running out strikes like an anthem of self-empowerment, but there are also elements of unity and desire woven into it. The concept is relatable, honest, poetic on a subtle level but ultimately personal and genuine enough to connect. Blend this with some addictively rhythmic song-writing, and the release leaves its mark with ease.

A beautifully bright yet soulful and smooth summertime single, introducing Elyse Chapski in a memorable way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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