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eLVé Shooting Star / Echoes Of Kenya


Exceptional production and instantly alluring melodies rain down, as producer eLVé seductively takes full command of the space. Shooting Star is just one of a handful of original singles from eLVé, an EDM producer with a distinctly recognisable set of traits to his repertoire.

For Shooting Star, the radio edit presents an ever-effective fusion of lighter hi-hats and catchy vocals, with the deeper warmth of ethereal synths, summer-ready rhythms, and the immensely euphoric drop required to really take hold of its audience.

The pop-inspired hook keeps things poetic and personal, simple and easy to sing along to, and meanwhile the heavier, perhaps dirtier sounding bass, beat and synth combo balances things out with the alternative underground energy that consistently draws a crowd.

Second up is a more immersive and cinematic listen – the evocative and intriguingly titled Echoes Of Kenya. Still the lighter female vocal adds a melodic and hooky aspect, but otherwise the production leans towards darker EDM, with distorted synths cascading alongside a pulsating House rhythm and lashings of melodic fragments.

The language varies, the persona on the frontline too – a raspier and somewhat laid-back delivery – and the main tune has a certain snappy and repeating energy to it that injects further originality to an already engaging mix.

Where Shooting Star delivers a timeless EDM floor-filler, Echoes Of Kenya showcases the breadth of influence and talent brought to the creative stage by eLVé. The presentation manages to all at once prove accessible and deeply unique – captivating in its authenticity as a purposeful and all-consuming realm of electronic and soulful expression combined. Tribal dance rhythms and a catchy cultural vibe enchant, as the beat and distorted synths gather all the more hypnotic momentum.

Essentially intertwining passion and professionalism to a sublime degree, eLVé offers both the identity and anthemic presence of a producer and artist with an intoxicating versatility and depth to his approach.

Noting thousands of streams and rising already, and with more music promised in the very near future, the eLVé creative space is categorically one worth tuning in for.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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