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Elnoir Hades


Artist and songwriter Elnoir presents a refreshingly atmospheric embrace of darkness and depth, with the uniquely intriguing, impassioned and unsettling Hades.

Conceptually rooted in story and sentiment, relaying these implications in a distinctly personal and confronting fashion, Hades follows an ambient progression of haunting layers of echoing synths and cinematic details, to softly present an expressive leading voice and relentless lo-fi kick-drum as the drama and theatrics evolve.

The final single from the upcoming album Alias, produced by the talented Pierre Baudin, Hades offers an impressively unusual take on contemporary songwriting and sound design – the whole thing is unexpected yet satisfying as it creatively progresses from mystique to boldness and bravado.

As we switch to the hook, things veer down a particularly dark and dissonant pathway, somewhat blurring the line between alternative noir pop and the more mainstream rise of artists like Billie Eilish. The drop is heavy but unorthodox, a bolder and more passionate vocal delivering the most piercing lyrics yet, and the instrumental gathering intense momentum alongside that.

Interesting and quite addictive in its unrivaled history and horror united, across a passionately built soundscape and fearlessly gritty performance – Hades is a strong example of originality at work, and likely speaks volumes on behalf of the upcoming album from Elnoir.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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