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Elliot Szabo Brave


Gentle keys and long-form melodies support the instantly poetic, reflective folk sentiments of Elliot Szabo’s opener for the new album Brave.

An ode to the depths of depression and its impact, Brave seeks to expose and overcome the shadows of melancholy, with a profound and powerful collection of reflective, open and honest songs.

Beginning with the near acoustic softness, uplifting observations and rising passion of Time Of Your Life, Brave instantly showcases the strength of songwriting and musicianship that makes up the Elliot Szabo sound. The writing and delivery feel familiar yet fresh, connecting for their vastness and intimacy all at once, and offering a sublime wave of escapism for listeners far and wide.

Featuring moments of upbeat energy and brightness throughout a string of contemplations and feelings, tracks like Holding on to You, Brave, The Train and the addictively joyful Across a Crowded Room deliver versatility and meaning, across a subtly shifting landscape of grooves and tunes.

Hopeful by nature yet also consistently genuine in its humanity and heart, Brave introduces a songwriter with a unique balance between audience awareness and fearless integrity. The vocals are mighty, rising up through the stories and scenes of the project with style and substance combined, and the result is a timeless and endlessly rewarding project.

Find Elliot Szabo via his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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