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Elliot Schneider -The Moon Has Flown Away


The Moon Has Flown Away starts off as strongly as possibly with a fresh and appealing leading guitar riff, and things continue to follow this stylish route from here on in. The music has a classic yet creative indie rock and roll vibe, the instrumentation is always interesting, and the structure of the song means that there’s always something new just around the corner, so nothing ever gets tiresome. It’s a great set of melodies, particularly the hook – the line itself is one you find yourself eagerly awaiting as the song sets off, and when it hits, it works.

The subject matter of the song focuses on surfing, the ocean, the moon, the relationship between all three. The initial vibes set by that leading riff creates the perfect kind of space within which these ideas can be explored. The whole soundscape in fact features a slightly psychedelic, or at the very least, an alternative and fairly laid back approach to rock and roll, and the repetition of the verse melody and that key riff add to the hypnotic and smooth energy of it all. The underlying theme of the song actually touches on a certain sadness; the imagery is not the upside of life by the sea, but quite the opposite – perhaps indicating the fact that everything is connected, and without even just one essential element, the rest cannot continue.

There’s a distinct level of focus to the songwriting, and this speaks volumes for the artist as a writer and composer – not succumbing to any particular genre or style, and knowing exactly what it is that he’s about. The sense of character is clear and consistent and this too adds to the appeal. You also get a superb guitar solo towards the end of the track that throws in a further sense of style and personality. A great piece of music and writing.

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Rebecca Cullen

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