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Elle Jae Daydreaming


Elle Jae’s single Daydreaming presents audiences with a refreshingly joyful take on folk-pop with a notable level of jazz about it. As the song pours through, the rhythm and colour of the music quickly grows to feel comfortable and calming, as does the leading artist’s vocal delivery among this smooth, easy to get into ambiance.

Daydreaming has something of a Corinne Bailey Rae lightness to it. From the very beginning, this meeting of the keys and the subtle, mellow beat, creates the perfect ambiance of delicacy to really allow you to escape into the moment. The rhythm of the song works really well in building around you something soothing; the precise sort of tool we often turn to when the noise of the world gets a little too loud. Following this, Elle Jae’s leading voice offers the effortless fluidity to really carry the melody along in a manner that fits beautifully with the mood of the music.

Later on, as the song intensifies just slightly, the singer’s passion increases in accordance with the rising energy. This is never to an uncomfortable point though, the song has those crucial moments of weight that fans of pop music or skillful singers in general will likely find themselves swept away by, but it’s been done modestly  – not merely showcasing the limitless abilities of the singer, but rather, always aligning with the song’s sentiment and the emotions implied by the lyrics as things move along.

By the second and third listen, the progression of those slightly retro, lightly electronic keys becomes easily recognisable – as does the melody thereafter, and the particular tone and style of the artist’s voice. If there’s an album on the way, this is a great introduction to that. A well written and beautifully captured song.

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