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Elizabritz Durant Ave


LA-based duo Elizabritz somehow bring smoother vibes than ever with this latest single Durant Ave. More than that in fact, there’s a blissfully nostalgic and natural flow to this track that takes you back and calms you in a totally genuine way. The vocals and the electro-jazz ambiance alike work well to give off an authentic mood that’s inherently in tune with the song’s underlying sentiments. Where there’s a little more complexity to the lyrics though, the music keeps things chill – the beat and the softly rising melody for that key line create a sensational groove that lets the details wash over you.

Lyrically the song drives with accessible realness, the highs and lows of being in love or being infatuated are at the forefront of the writing and are easily familiar for most listeners. Durant Ave tackles this in an accepting and incredibly easy to enjoy manner. The song feels like a missing link from a simpler time, or rather – it feels like a crisp, fresh re-awakening of a genre that once thrived on real energy and truthfulness.

The vocals on this recording are stunning, subtle yet unstoppable in the way the soulful RnB melody is presented and indeed mastered. Working in unison with that though is the beat – the whole thing feels complete, effectively enveloping the listener in the way that only music crafted with a fine fusion of creativity and professionalism can.

Elizabritz make light work of embracing an audience – they also stand as a bold testament to the whole two minds are better than one prospect. Combine and collaborate for the best of the best. Durant Ave is a great song, a pleasure to relax to and a joy to have reappear within your daily playlist.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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