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Elisabeth Lopez Not That Way


‘Not That Way’ is the stunning debut EP from 17 year old Elisabeth Lopez. A stylish and powerful collection of songs, written and performed by the singer, and based on her own personal experiences. All five tracks showcase an incredibly talented songwriter, with a beautiful and unique voice, and genuine, raw, real emotion. We absolutely love it.

The title track ‘Not That Way’ is an epic beginning to this release; superb songwriting, fantastic production – an almost rock ballad background, with slick lead guitar. Then when the chorus kicks in; the singer’s phenomenal vocals shine bright. A really brilliant song, opens the EP with a bang, and establishes very clearly that Elisabeth Lopez has a style that’s completely her own.

‘Just Don’t Care’ features some really imaginative and powerful lyrics throughout, and once again, incredible vocals from the singer. The closing track ‘Dark Side’ has the same sort of lyrical power; Elisabeth is clearly an immensely talented storyteller, and a genuinely inspiring artist; we haven’t heard a pop record with this much depth in quite some time.

The raw emotion and honesty of Elisabeth’s songs is massively present in this EP; something that is way too often missing from modern pop songs. The song ‘Monsters’ was written about overcoming her own personal battles in life, and the video was made as a gift and dedication to anyone who has been through similar struggles. Check it out.

‘Not That Way’ is a mesmerizing release in it’s own right, but from a singer of such a young age; it’s exciting to consider what we’ll hear from this artist as time goes by. You won’t want to miss it, so follow Elisabeth on Facebook and Instagram, share the music far and wide, and keep an eye on her Official Website for future releases and tour dates.

A talented song writer and musician, with a beautifully powerful voice, who sings about issues that matter. An unmissable artist. Download the EP today via itunes. If you’re lucky enough to live in Boston, you may even catch one of her stunning street performances at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Get involved. Keep real music alive.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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