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Eleven Dollar Bills Waves


Waves is definitely an indie anthem for the smiling faces of the summer. Eleven Dollar Bills are a band that take a touch of influence from various indie or soft rock directions, and actually, this latest release tips its hat to everything from funk to pop, even so far as grunge with those distorted guitar bends. These make for what is a pretty infectious and memorable riff, one that shows itself intermittently among an energetic and uplifting musical backdrop, a string of passionate, believable vocals, and a set of harmonies or choir section that adds further melody and re-emphasises the pop element of the whole thing.

You really only need to hear this track once to recognise anything about it thereafter. The band are talented musicians, this much is clear, but the strongest element these days has to be songwriting ability. As mentioned, everything about this track has power and character, without coming through as trying too hard or pushing in an unreal direction. The accompanying video underlines the band’s love of music and performance pretty authentically, so you know this is them being true to their own creative desires, and this comes through in the song, the instrumentation, the tone of voice, and the strength and passion of the hook.

Waves is a big track, an uplifting and carefree single that would sound equally great on a road trip or through a less than sturdy sound system down at the beach. From the opening few bars of music you’re offered unquestionable focus and individuality, and as the soundscape builds, it becomes clear that these guys are likely to put on a pretty huge live show should you get the chance to witness one some time in the near future. There’s always room for skillful and creative positivity, and that’s exactly what Eleven Dollar Bills present.

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