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Elan Suave 1 OF 1


Continuing the climb with his unique blend of soulful melodies, dreamy arrangements and gritty trap rhythms, Elan Suave’s latest EP 1 OF 1 proves as intimate as it is heavy and undeniably catchy.

The title-track 1 OF 1 kicks things off, standing tall on the edge of emotion in that consistently peaking vocal line, and the contrasting weight of the bass as it intermittently injects a sense of late-night escapism and intensity.

Always resolving back to an infectious hook, the track feels relevantly contemporary yet rooted amidst the identity of Elan Suave – a recognisable voice, fearlessly passionate, lyrically poetic and sometimes soaked in simple imagery for scene setting; the balance works well.

As the project continues, eclecticism and artistry are clear strengths. Consider the piano-lead and sudden mellow energy and self-reflection of Faith. The subject matter makes a clear shift towards greater plains, and the ambiance and softer delivery united back up that lyrical depth and vulnerability beautifully. At the same time, character and style is far from sacrificed – the track has pace, intensity, it’s upbeat in small doses, keeping the vibe strong.

Incorporating versatility further still is the fingerstyle guitar-lead of Gifted, a familiar anthemic track of Lil Baby-esque movement and bars. Then there’s the sultry acoustic embrace of Remind You, a musical highlight for its lightness of melody and juxtaposed power and confidence.

To The Game wraps up the new EP with a touch of RnB in that vocal hook and a bigger arena feel as the soundscape, complete with soaring electric guitars, rains down all around. Another catchy song that makes for an unavoidable earworm, and another outpouring of honesty that respectably works to break down barriers between artist and listener.

Yet another project to back up consistency of passion and work ethic, Elan Suave maintains focus and style – relevant yet emotionally devoted. Well worth a listen for fans of the genre and alternative pop alike.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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