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ekalb flow Dreams


Straight from the upcoming album Paper Weights, Dreams introduces an artist with a fine ear for melody and musical expression, as well as a clear level of talent for writing bars and performing with a natural air of character and confidence.

ekalb flow impresses increasingly throughout this single. Featuring a refreshingly organic, colourful and live-sounding backdrop, the track goes on to make fine use of vocal theatrics, varied flows, and equal parts melody and rap.

There’s a definite Mac Miller vibe to the switch from verse to hook, those live-lounge days that brought the real band sound back to the hip hop world. Otherwise though, ekalb keeps things fresh, lyrically and in terms of the personality and concept of the track. The voice has a definite style of its own, the bars are clever, confidently delivered, and the music consistently evolves and welcomes in new layers of warmth and energy.

Brilliant, a personal favourite from the year so far for its fine balance between creative freedom and the known to be effective building blocks of worthwhile, memorable and popular music. I look forward to the album.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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