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Effing and Blinding Devil’s Play


Gritty yet melodic rock and roll pours through with mighty vocal character and strong riffs – Effing and Blinding bring the soul and energy to modern rock, with the likes of the chaotic and catchy Devil’s Play.

Soaring guitars and live drums meet with a twist of psychedelic sound-play, as we follow this meandering voice through a long-form progression questioning the world and the paths we choose. Loaded with imagery and metaphor, the song builds up beautifully, dropping in with a seductive blues-rock instrumental that would no doubt kick up an epic vibe at live shows.

Creative bends and a faster pace introduce the song Holy Water, piercing vocals akin to the likes of Axl guide us towards the humble and memorable resolve of a title-line hook. Later we get a stripped-back switch in direction, warming bass-work and an evocative presentation that’s calming and contemplative. Always Effing and Blinding maintain this vastly poetic approach, which is refreshing amidst the current indie rock landscape.

Great songwriting is a key aspect of the Effing and Blinding sound – this and their clear ability to impress on the stage. Wiser Man is beautiful, a driving anthem that connects and uplifts, with powerful scenes and a simple rise and fall evolution that’s gorgeously hypnotic. A personal favourite.

One last hit worth streaming at volume is the slightly heavier Everyday. Distortion and faultless band-unity elevates this immersive arrangement, offering a celebratory rock and roll track with a heartfelt and observational lyrical core.

Backed by a fairly unforgettable name and a recognizable identity to match, Effing and Blinding promise a repertoire that’s easy to get lost within. Great music, authentic and engaging, thoughtful and hard hitting – I look forward to catching a show sometime.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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