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EDVANZD How U Wanna Do It


EDVANZD’s latest offering is one that takes a little time to kick in. The opening moments utilize a characterful bass-line, tipping its hat to the legends of the genre – an alternative melody to lead, rather than purely a beat. On top of this you get the effected vocal hook that offers a series of short lines easily relevant to the contemporary rap sound. It’s a fair enough presentation, but when the verse comes in is untimely the moment at which things get far more creative.

The verses lay out detail and personality, a performance that meanders and is consistently expressive and interesting. At these moments, the soundscape connects more strongly, seeing the track suddenly feel like a genuine hit from yesteryear – a mid-album D12 or Outkast track, but with a fresh identity and intention.

By the time the song comes to an end, it manages to leave a far more memorable mark than the intro first implies. In hindsight, that modern twang of the hook works well to grab the attention of a broader audience. I’m actually now keen to check out more music from EDVANZD – his bars intrigue and impress in a whole new way. Well worth stumbling upon.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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