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Edgarville Fingerprints & Handwriting


A quick look at a band that first won our hearts with their gorgeously creative guitar work, then startled us with their powerhouse gravelly growl, then melted us again with a song named after our favourite staple food that goes well with everything. Edgarville’s debut album Fingerprints & Handwriting is available now for you to download via Bandcamp, and we think it’s awesome.

They’re a duo based in Blackburn, UK, and they fuse all the best parts of raw punk with a wonderfully nostalgic softness; one we haven’t really heard since Dashboard Confessional’s Screaming Infidelities was echoing through the halls of every university. It’s an album well worth checking out – the band are doing their own thing entirely, and it sounds great. As if that’s not enough – the album has a picture of a seal on the front, and my gosh is it cute.

Don’t miss out. Follow Edgarville on Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned, and watch out for a live show near you sometime soon. Check it out, this is Cous Cous..


Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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