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Eddie Wang Feel The Same


Nostalgic and organic piano guides us into the emotive and deeply heartfelt new single from artist and songwriter Eddie Wang.

Following that melodic and musically impressive piano introduction, equally clean, unaffected vocals add further humanity and raw performance, offering a touch of expressive and mildly theatrical build-up as the song ultimately evolves from uncertain to optimistic and bright.

Appearing to creatively walk the line between the complex musicianship and melodic threads of Elton John and the more simplistic warmth of the family-film realm, Feel The Same manages to bridge the gap between the recognizable and the fresh. The presentation is natural, easy to connect with, while the lyrics bring a new sense of poetic contemplation and gratitude.

The whole thing feels like a modern-day take on the classic love song, with dashes of Jazz, Pop and Neo-classical design all intertwined throughout. In essence, its a freely meandering ode to the concept and the significant other who inspired it, and there’s authenticity in such a process that will likely connect with listeners in a lasting way. Weave in the clearly professional and finely-honed musicality, and the live-show potential ticks yet another box.

As an introduction to Eddie Wang, Feel The Same depicts an artist uninhibited by industry expectation, and instead driven by a passionate and precise devotion to songwriting and performance.

Download or stream Feel The Same. Find Eddie Wang on Facebook, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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