EDDE6D - BITCOIN - Stereo Stickman



Taking on the topic of the moment and offering a bass-heavy beat with dreamy contemporary vocals on the top line – artist and rapper EDDE6D aims high with Bitcoin.

Intense in set-up yet delicate in vocal presentation, Bitcoin has the makings of a Jaden-style alternative hit – artistry and the clear influence of modern day hip hop and emo-rap intertwined amidst conceptual intention.

Weave in a voice and image that ring true to the EDDE6D sound, and there’s identity and appeal all at once.

Great production, loaded with unique traits that contrast the depth of the bass-line for a wholly immersive listen. Then there’s the short lines, the vocal rhythm, mellow yet confident – all in all presenting a memorable hit with a carefree, quirky centre.

The verses strip back almost everything before the bass kicks back in with impact. Meanwhile EDDE6D keeps the bars short, the references varied, and the overall mood of the track on point.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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