ECHOGLASS - Lonely - Stereo Stickman



Only the lonely love like you do – hold them dear, keep them close… 

As these opening words are whispered with breathy depth and heart, ECHOGLASS swiftly begin to envelop their listeners in a growing arena of warmth and melancholy united.

There’s a heavy sense of togetherness and appreciation to this song, but it’s soaked in awareness, regret, and an unavoidable level of knowing. The realness cuts deep, and the quietly passionate delivery reinforces that pressure.

Meanwhile, the instrumentation behind the words rises up in a similarly expressive and powerful way – clearly connected at every step to the underlying sentiments and intentions of the song. Dashes of jazz meet with calming rhythms to contrast and collide against utterances of you caused this, he caused this – feelings of guilt, throwing blame, playing situations over and over in your mind.

As Lonely progresses, we’re taken through the various stages of learning and looking back, meandering from optimism to error, from hope to pain, from joy to guilt. Ultimately the song calls for the listener to break free, to be content as an individual – to continue to love like this because as ourselves, alone, is the only way we can. Personal reflections meet with broader poetic references to creates something that easily relates to just about anyone who knows what love and loss really mean.

For those who have been through heartbreak – experienced the highs and felt the utter despair of the lows – Lonely is a song that will quickly cut through the noise of the world; catching you at your weakest, hitting you where it hurts. At the same time, it feels good to get those feelings out, and as brief mentions of progression and self-development crop up, the song ends up becoming something of a re-birth; a refreshing splash of understanding and even closure.

Lonely builds and bubbles up in a perfectly emotional manner, right the way through until its ultimate, beautifully chaotic breaking point. A powerful and timeless track that brings together unquestionable purity and pain from the depths of the human experience.

Love happens, and then it ends… 

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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