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Echoglass Little Harwood / Drowning


The creatively pure songwriting of Echoglass returns with the indie-roots storytelling and vibrancy of their latest single Little Harwood. Reaching out to their audience for a collection of clips to accompany the release, the video and song make for a captivating and energetic experience, fusing the raw progression and emotion of indie-rock with something unexpectedly colourful and loaded with soul.

Little Harwood is a song that works hard to set the scene for listeners. As the music plays, the leading voice has the authenticity of a performer passionately connected to this sort of expression. Nothing about it feels fake or forced, these are just the songs that come out, and the way they happen to be. The melody has a certain familiarity to it that brings a touch of nostalgia in some ways, though the story-line undoubtedly offers up a new character and background to embrace – a satisfying combination.

The song’s development works really well, the instrumentation reflects the changing moments within, as well as building gradually to become something immensely entertaining, multi-layered and totally uplifting. The final section provides something warm and immersive to really lose yourself within, not to mention that necessary break from the fast-flowing power of the verses – this is where you reflect, where it all sinks in, and where you get yourself ready to head back and listen once more.

Taking things in a distinctly different direction, Echoglass’ song Drowning is a delicate and heartfelt piece of music and writing that takes a mighty poetic outpouring and presents it by means of a stunning performance from all involved. Everything is new here, you can pick up on the recognisable tone of the lead singer’s voice, but the style, the subject matter, and the general movement of the music, are something else entirely. The music has a gorgeously organic feel to it and this allows the increasing passion to really resonate in an honest way. You can hear quite precisely how this would be to witness it live, particularly when you listen loud.

At almost six minutes long, Drowning quickly becomes a song that means something powerful to those who really listen and connect with it. That hook is unforgettable once it hits, the level of repetition throughout the first half of the song works wonders, and then the latter half brings with it a slight change in pace and melody that appears as quite striking due to the effective use of contrast. The central lyric or key idea of the song stands so tall that in fact the second time you listen – these initial images of water closing in, the clear-cut descriptions of the moment, start to draw you in even further.

The simple acoustic backdrop – the strum of a guitar and the softness of a piano – creates the perfect backdrop upon which the two leading voices can explore the central struggle and fear of the situation. As things switch to the hook, the mood changes intensely, the music begins to gather more and more energy, the concept erupts with further difficulties and anxieties, and the music backs this up at every step.

As simple as the song is stylistically, it speaks volumes. It’s a stunning bit of writing and performance that offers a unique pairing of voices, plenty of personality, all aligned under an accessible sky of ideas that somehow seems to exist purely for the listener. This personal touch fused with something undeniably accessible is a compelling way to write. It seems incredibly open and real, personal, yet it’s also something that reaches out for the very soul or inner demons of all who hear it.

As always, there’s no limit to the creativity of Echoglass – their songwriting and their music march to their own beat, creating an endless wave of escapism for audiences who crave such opportunities.

Little Harwood will be available to download as of May 1st. Find & follow Echoglass on Facebook, TwitterInstagram. Visit their Website for music & info.

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