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Echoglass Blackburn Boulevard / Eyes / Last To Know


Echoglass’ music is a pleasure to stumble upon, the sort that puts songwriting and creativity way before genre or style or any of those later details that help us to ‘label’ artistry. The creatives behind the project are skillfully and effectively bringing back the classic strength of composition by means of a series of fresh and easy to escape to songs.

This first single, Blackburn Boulevard, offers up a certain indie-rock edge that comes through with a powerful concept, strong riffs, great energy, and a string of easily memorable melodies. On top of this, the lead singer drives the sentiment of the song in a brilliantly satisfying and quite refreshing way – this is, by all accounts, a full throttle, nostalgic and fitting rock vocal. It’s a joy to hear this kind of voice and this kind of music, presenting precisely this kind of song. The collaborative element works perfectly and underlines the brightness of the writing in a striking way.

With regard to the soundscape, the brightness of colourful, uplifting and edgy rock music pours through from the offset. That leading voice grips you as a mildly distorted yet hopeful ambiance fills the room. The main take away from this particular song is the hook, something that gradually sinks in the first time around, then shines with absolute brightness the second and third times. It’s an inspiring line, given focus here by the clever arrangement of the instrumentation – the change in melody, the rising passion, the space or break that follows it. Echoglass knows how to write songs. Blackburn Boulevard kicks things off with bang, and there’s plenty more to come.

You don’t give a crap about anything they say, ‘Cause you’re living your own life in your own way. 

Eyes is a song that showcases another side to Echoglass. The music appears as this slightly haunting, organic soundscape – led by a piano, an acoustic guitar, a softly performed – almost whispered – leading vocal. In actual fact, this song is completely different in a number of ways to Blackburn Boulevard. The intimacy seems to present an entirely new band, as it were – the work becoming almost unrecognizable. The emotional depth and honesty bring about a totally different energy – the chords are relevantly delicate, the structure is much more artistically expressive; the song feels like it’s really about something personal – an inescapable, inner struggle, or a realization. The love and loyalty suggested in the lyrics is contrasted quite distinctly with the dark aura of the music. Contrast is powerful, and it works well here in creating something poignant and impossible to turn away from.

The song has a really strong chorus section, something you come to rely upon in the Echoglass sound. Again, contrast is utilised effectively – the verses lead softly up towards the absolute volume of the hook in a way that completely surrounds and soaks you as you listen. Another recognisable trait is the fact that the lyrics sink in a little more deeply each time you listen. There’s something widely accessible about these songs, but there’s also a lot that is unquestionably personal and open – achieving a balance between both of these is where comfort becomes an inherent part of the music.

Changing lanes once more, Last To Know is a warm and calming, country inspired song that appears as an authentic and once again emotional expression of ideas. The song bursts into action with an easy going melody that leaves you following the lyrics along intently throughout. The leading voice has the perfect depth of tone, with just a touch of grit, to really carry the truth and loyalty of the songwriting in a mighty way. Surrounding this, the song’s structure means that each moment offers something new and satisfying, without veering off too heavily in some irrelevant direction. The piano part offers up the genuine chaos and colour of a country rock live show, as does the electric guitar solo, and in among this floats this deeply loving and reflective piece of writing and performance. As always, the song comes with a superb hook – one that lingers in your mind for quite some time after listening.

This short collection of releases makes for the perfect indication of composition and songwriting at a professional and experienced level. Each song, however unique in its own right, earns your attention and affection by means of a certain, emotional connection – as well as a brilliantly appropriate instrumental set-up, and in each case, a gorgeously pure sounding vocal part.

You’re likely to find each of these tracks popping back up in your mind repeatedly for the foreseeable future, and it’s a joy when they do – the peacefulness of a subtle, gentle ear worm is far more enjoyable than that which forces its way into your consciousness. These are brilliant songs, every one of them.

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