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Eaten By Dogs Only You


This is the kind of song you’ll want to put everything else on hold for, just to give you some real time to listen. Only You, a release from Eaten By Dogs – the elements are just right, simply put. The music has the minimalist, organic warmth of some of the greatest, most emotional works from across the decades. The ambiance is set by the chord progression, the soulful sound of each layer of instrumentation, and just as your thoughts start to wander – the lead singer offers up these captivating, single-line lyrics, redirecting your consideration a little, provoking certain thoughts, and soaking you entirely in the poetic artistry of the moment.

The music itself brings a touch of nostalgia in a way, the classic sound of music simply doing what it does best – enhancing or removing you from your current life experience. The opening line adds to this nostalgia in a powerful way, and to top it off, the leading vocalist brings about the gentle yet compelling tone and subtle strength to make this an absolute dream to listen to.

The lyrics present a fresh perspective, but it’s one that’s likely to make sense to most who witness it – these ideas are deeply human, but they’re talked about in a way that isn’t always expressed so freely; without apology, without barriers or filler. The words, the melody, and the utterly genuine sound of the leading voice, make this an unforgettable bit of songwriting. The music fills in the gaps surrounding the sentiment in a subtle yet brilliantly fitting way. As stated, the ambiance of the soundscape alone is enough to drift off to.

Eaten By Dogs have that special something about their sound that just draws you right in. Their music is the sort that’s not seeking to be anything other than art – a means of expressing that which cannot simply be said, a way of reaching out and connecting with anyone and everyone who gets it. This is a beautiful, mesmerising piece of music and writing; well worth a fair few repeat listens.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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