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Easygoing The Good Ol’ Days


Conceptual hip hop with desirably creative soundscapes – Easygoing takes listeners down a nostalgic, dreamy pathway that longs for the simplicity of yesteryear.

From the opener Intro, The Good Ol’ Days lays bare its intentions as a contemplative project. School days, no responsibilities, memories, the blessings and apparent struggles of the past. Combined with lo-fi good vibes, mellow and calming, the album quickly engages with its listener, and soon enough the spoken word fragments evolve into rap bars that tell a series of stories.

Since Day 1 does precisely this, and brings back the cinematic detail for a real-life trip down memory lane. Then we get a dash of acoustic guitar, fingerstyle, for a rhythmic RnB alternative in the form of Baby Talk – smooth and addictive to listen to.

There are also some emotional highlights to contrast the pace and simplicity of this – The Sad Truth being a defiant stand-out for its apt level of melancholy in everything from the minimalist, piano-led ambiance, to the tired vocal, to the deeply human lyrics and the poetic repeat of the hook.

Shenanigans keeps this mood going with a late-night groove and equally reflective, thoughtful and revealing lyrics that are easy to relate to and connect with.

Nobodys Gonna Hurt You marks a distinct change in direction, the title appealing for its loving embrace, the suddenly shoegaze-like, reverb-soaked and distant arena of sound and effected vocals creating a whole new inspiring vibe and a rather bold level of intimacy.

Weave in a laid-back freestyle, and plenty of creative expression musically and performance-wise, and The Good Ol’ Days manages to take you back in time whilst also presenting something decidedly relevant to the pondering uncertainty of today.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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