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Earleybird Everything Is Imaginary (Feat. Maria)


Brilliantly creative sound design, thoughtfully inspiring lyricism, and the unmistakable tone of the artist’s voice, all kicks off yet another impactful album from the one and only Earleybird.

Better Days is brilliant, motivational and uplifting – increasingly enveloping listeners musically and consistently provoking a deeper level of appreciation and connection that extends far beyond the walls of the song.

Things continue along this colourful, energizing yet spacious and creative pathway in consistently interesting ways. Consider the production detail and musicality, combined with the depth of concept and refreshing take on the sentiments implied, that is G.O.A.T.B.I.R.D – an alternative anthem for both those who know and those who want to know more.

Wish Upon A Star injects some unexpected artistry, a melodic additional vocal for the intro – that of Maria, whose delicately expressive voice lights up much of the album. A personal story in which the rapper places himself at the centre of the outpouring – as opposed to previous tracks that draw the audience’s focus to themselves and their own lives. The balance between these two aspects works well across the album.

Here For You furthers that melodic vocal variation. The soundscape is more full, industrially rhythmic, the main performance loaded with fast-paced bars and historical references in a listing format that begs for more than a single listen.

The album’s title-track is an easy stand-out for its piano-led calm and emotive story-telling that spans right back to the artist’s own childhood and the concept of dreaming.

Then we get a touch of retro hip hop in the form of a melodic and stylishly interesting Swim or Drown, along with some fascinating metaphors and references.

Insomnia follows and softens the mood with guitar fragments and a contrastingly unsettling ticking clock. Another artistically unexpected, unusual yet poignant and relatable piece.

Slowly but surely this project seems to lay bare some of Earleybird’s most impressive, honest and engaging lyrics yet. His ideas have roots and wings alike, and his framing of these connects in a somewhat less intense, more minimal yet striking manner thanks to plenty of space and musical appeal.

Where Do You Go? is something of another creative left hook. Unusual yet intriguing, deeply poetic and rhythmically addictive all at once. We get closer to the artist whilst being reminded to ponder the bigger questions in life.

An equally unpredictable Forever (Dracula’s Song) follows – a somewhat haunting, third-person-style exploration of story and metaphor alike. A defiantly memorable track for its unique take on an infamous subject matter and fictional anti-hero.

I’ll Remember You finishes things up and tips its hat more notably to the style presented on Earleybird’s previous works. A freestyle outpouring, varying rhythms and tones, less connection between layers but a sense of purity and realness regardless. A clever way to end what could well be the most accessible and recognisable project of Earleybird’s to date.

Maybe it’s the weight of 2020 that helps these tracks connect so intensely, or maybe the project simply speaks volumes on behalf of dedication and unwavering passion when it comes to following a creative route in life. In any case, a pleasure to dive into. Highly recommended.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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