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Earleybird Champion: Kevin Came Up


The ever-memorable wordsmith that is Earleybird returns this season with an album that remains in keeping with that recognisable sound, but also leans in something of an experimental and heavy yet motivational direction.

Beginning with the musically eclectic, crash-heavy and jazz-soaked weight of Best In Show, Kevin starts as he means to go on, fusing simple yet interesting soundscapes with a meandering flow and a clearly well-thought-out lyrical backbone. Here comes that intellect, that fine balance between poetry, smart and sharp literacy, and personal emotion.

* * *

“What’s standing between you and your dreams? You better quit your job before they let you go.” Best In Show.

* * *

Minimum Wage follows on with a quickly anthem-like hook, the doubled vocals creating a classic hip hop vibe that inspires crowd gatherings, live shows and togetherness. In between these moments, the verses again captivate for the sheer refreshment of Earleybird’s lyrical story-telling.

50 Points slows things down a little, a retro and creative groove accompanies a smoother, cleaner-cut vocal, and another story-line that holds your attention throughout.

Shopping Cart (remix) hits hard for the simplicity of that opening rhyme’s concept. Inspiration comes from the stories, the shopping cart to the stage being one that fascinates and is vastly relevant and appealing to many listeners. Then Champion (Remix) welcomes dynamic with an impressive and compelling feature from Substantial.

During the album’s latter half, musical eclecticism continues to grip, with piano-led delicacy paving the way for a self-reflective, deeply considerate and ambient Feelings (Remix). A track that quickly progresses from good to great for its uplifting brightness and the contrasting darkness of the lyrics as Earleybird moves through difficulty to optimism.

Dollar Store keeps the storytelling at the forefront, helping this album become a genuine insight as to the journey the artist has lived through. Employee Of The Month is then another tip of the hat to the past, with some slick rhymes and a memorable string-led yet bass-heavy soundscape.

Dreams 2 is beautiful, utilizing the natural world and fusing this with the simple yet effective repetition of Never give up on your dreams. Never. Lovely guitar-work here leads into equally acoustic calm as Musical Chairs settles in, a definite and beautiful highlight for the smooth and soothing vibes that pour through; and the nostalgic game references.

At the penultimate moment, Cult creates a tribal ambiance to accompany a detailed story-line from the artist’s youth – scene setting, imagery, emotion. A beautifully written tale that grows to be all the more engrossing and revealing as it goes on. Another highlight.

The retro-effected and aptly titled Finish Line brings the album to a mighty finish. Those doubled vocals return, complete with a choir of voices and some last attempts to explain the struggle of the climb; the truth of the journey, not merely the glowing, easy or fun stuff we tend to hear about on social media. Another highlight for its subtle use of colour and the brilliant, unwavering flow that suits the lyrical outpouring perfectly well.

Heavy hooks and a heartfelt undertone in every case, Earleybird drives with precisely the values he preaches in his project titles and across his website, socials and work as a speaker. Another album worth spending time with.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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