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E.J Reminiscence


British-Nigerian singer, songwriter and published author Elizabeth Laade Johnson – known to the scene as E.J – celebrates the sheer uplift and escapism of music in its most raw and authentic state, with the intoxicating and timeless album Reminiscence.

Formerly a biomedical graduate, music and storytelling have forever proved cornerstones of all that inspires E.J, and the intricacies, depths and details of Reminiscence speak volumes on behalf of that.

Humble rock and soul-kissed soundscapes back up distinct and evocative RnB vocals, as E.J delves into the ache and passion of love, for the intense outcry and seductive groove of the phenomenal opener Crazy Love.

Elsewhere performances vary from quiet and intimate to bold and compelling, all the while reinforcing the central passion and intention of each piece. The mood is consistently soul driven, incorporating subtle hints of influence from Afro and mainstream Pop, whilst ensuring the unmistakable driving force of E.J’s vocal and writing style at the forefront of every step.

For I’ll Pretend we move into a breath-taking arrangement and performance akin to a Gospel ballad, as E.J draws the listener in with a deeply personal and heart-breaking story. Then for the likes of a smartly metaphorical favourite Pieces Of My Heart, retro keys and drums meet with subtle horns, to present a nostalgic groove and sensational vocals meandering through a plethora of highs and lows.

Committed to authenticity in its personal story telling and the clear emotional depth of E.J’s voice, this album devotes itself to unity and truth by way of the revealing complexities of the heart and soul. Whether delivering the euphoric energy and gritty pace of I’m Not Ready For Love, or the smooth and delicate warmth of a melodically enchanting What Good Is A Heart, always the vibe is eclectic but well-rooted amidst this desire to maintain realness and humanity.

In My Dreams is another piano-led ballad of intimacy and revelation, building up beautifully towards an enchanting and impassioned crescendo. Then on the flip side, E.J offers an hypnotic groove and soulfully confident performance, for the aptly-titled floor-filler Get Stepping To It.

E.J’s ability to intertwine effective songwriting and storytelling is second to none, and allows the 15 tracks of this project to rain down with ambient and conceptual power combined. Consider the exotic bounce and optimism of an addictive Magic, or the acoustic ballad introduction of the honest and heart-breaking Another Man; alongside the piercing realism and ache of E.J’s performance. Versatility is defiant, but so too is strength of character and integrity, and E.J maintains both throughout.

Wrapping things up is a seductively soulful guitar groove and a remarkable vocal performance from E.J. Goodbye encapsulates the peak of this journey that is Reminiscence, a final closing of the door secured by a shoulder-swaying blues groove and a long-form, raspy and intoxicating voice. There’s a certain celebratory sense of overcoming to the delivery, but also a poignant emotional longing that rightfully reflects upon all that’s come to pass. The song captures the essence of this bittersweet Goodbye in everything from arrangement to delivery and production, and makes for one last highlight from an album loaded with superb tracks.

Already noting tens of thousands of followers on social media and equal attention throughout streaming platforms, E.J has built up a swiftly expanding audience for her consistently engaging, honest and catchy approach to timeless songwriting. The launch of Reminiscence is set to see those numbers sky-rocket, and enhance her repertoire to immense new levels of appeal.

Album out July 20th. Find E.J on Instagram & X.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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