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Dynamos Stainless


Complete with an accompanying live performance video, Dynamos’ single Stainless brings through an indie-rock meets Americana crossed with pop aura that introduces their sound in a pretty bold way.

As the song emerges, the whole thing quickly feels like a consciously crafted piece of music, offering up immediately characterful riffs that are short lived yet repeated enough times to make certain you associate them with the Dynamos sound. In addition, the drum beat has a certain thickness and energy to it that stands out quite significantly – feeling almost like the interim or fill extended across the whole track, giving it a further touch of vibrancy and personality. On top of all of this is the song’s melody and the delivery of this from the band’s leading vocalist. The lyrics undoubtedly lean in something of a blues-rock or country-rock direction, though the melody bends itself in a way that brings in that accessible touch of pop; allowing the band to potentially reach a wider audience with their music.

The band’s leading voice delivers the song flawlessly. There’s a lot of space on the single, the lyrics aren’t overloaded, the guitar solo is somewhat subtle and well placed, so you notice the lyrics and particularly the change to the hook section. The song feels stylish in its entirety, thoughtfully put together and structured so as to let you get lost in the vibe but simultaneously distinguish pretty clearly between the various moments. Every musician involved gets their moment to shine, though at the same time, the band seem musically well united, so the sound is very polished. The concept takes a little that is vague and a little that is personal and creates something fairly easy to access. It works well.

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