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Dynamos Shake, Rattle and Roll


Offering up an infectious and characterful leading bass line and well rounded performances from all involved, Dynamos’ Shake Rattle and Roll effectively fuses the spacious and organic sound of classic rock with a pop-inspired melody and structural progression.

The spacious element of the track is notably as it comes through in a somewhat live sounding arena, not overwhelming listeners with weight or distortion, but showcasing each performance under a bright and flattering spotlight. From the leading vocal performance to the guitars to the rhythm, the release is soaked in upbeat energy and a clear appreciation for the rock and roll genre and all of it’s warmth.

Structurally the band have put together a song that has a number of distinct threads to keep things familiar, yet that varies and evolves often enough to make sure that interest and attention is maintained. The lyrics come through in fairly short snippets, laying out the song’s sentiment pretty clearly. The vocal performance presenting this has a notably easy going and fun sound and style that fits the concept and upbeat nature of the music really well. There’s a delicacy to the voice in many instances and this feeds into the organic, spacious element of the whole release.

You get that live sound coming through and so it’s easy to take from it the precise indication of what a real time performance will entail, the accompanying video specifically backs this up, and all of this again adds to that realness and that classic rock meets pop energy. Everything from the drum line to the rhythm guitar to the bass strikes as creatively professional, and the personality of the leading vocalist and indeed the guitar solo later on help make it a well polished final product.

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