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Dylan Sherry Stars (Feat. The Green Flamingos)


Superb song-writing meets with a gorgeously ambient, soft-rock soundscape for this impressive new collaborative release from Dylan Sherry and The Green Flamingos.

Leading with a quickly immersive set-up, particularly for fans of organic pop rock or shoegaze, Stars engages with ease yet goes on to intrigue and enthral listeners all the more-so as it makes its way through a unique 4.5 minute lifespan.

The various changes that come into play, conceptually and melodically, prove all the more satisfying, with multiple resolving phrases and a beautifully crafted yet humble guitar solo – all of which is perfectly in keeping with the gentle, poetic and calm nature of the arrangement and underlying mood.

There is of course a welcomed level of passion to the whole thing, as this imagery-heavy story-line details the feeling of being in love, but it’s subtle, not too personal – accessible in a broad and beautiful way.

On second listen, an easy hit – recognisable from the outset for its progression and riff, with a delicately expressive vocal lead and short, succinct phrases to guide us into the story. Then we get the chorus of voices for the switch – the first time Sherry has sung alongside another act on his own release – and suddenly things are brighter, contrasting the uncertainty from earlier. This wave-like movement from melancholy to optimism is increasingly hypnotic as things continue to evolve.

A beautifully simple yet refreshing and clever hit of song-writing and composition alike, with a softly striking performance from all involved. A timeless classic, and a strong must for the long-term playlist.

Download or stream Stars here. Check out Dylan Sherry on Facebook & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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